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Hello, my name is Matt Antonio and I am a web designer/developer based in Winter Park, FL. I enjoy creating and designing professional, custom made web sites. Whether you need a static website that won't need to be updated often or a CMS, I can provide the solution.

I am currently pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Web Design and Development at Full Sail University here in Winter Park. Classes are very fast paced and I will be completing over 30 of them in just 21 months. Take a look below at just a couple of things I’ve learned so far and if you like what you see throughout my site, then please, drop me a line and let’s talk.


HTML5 is the next iteration of the Hypertext Markup Language. It is not yet a standard, but can certainly be used since all major and modern browsers support it. With HTML5 comes many new features that help to make creating web sites a little easier.

HTML is the structure of a website. Without it all websites would just be plain text. However, it's still pretty ugly on it's own. Back in the day a web designer could "style" a web page directly in the markup, but that's not supported anymore. Now we use CSS for styling and presentation.


Responsive web design, text shadows, box shadows, border radius, multi-column layout, multiple backgrounds, opacity, and so much more. The new features to CSS3 (also not a standard just yet) are very exciting and will solve a lot of headaches for designers.

Some of the new features can be seen right here on my site. Take a peek at my Portfolio or Full Sail Projects, there is no JavaScript or fancy schmancy programming being used. Want one website that can be viewed on a Desktop, tablet, or mobile device? Go responsive!

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Photoshop has become a must have tool for me. This web site you're on now as well as a few examples in my Full Sail Projects were first designed in Photoshop CS5.5. I create the backgrounds, textures, layout, and even place the text where I want it. Then I "slice" it up and put it all together again using HTML5 and CSS3.

Being taught by graphic designers that have been in the industry for 15+ years was a real eye opener. I quickly found that using the default layer styles for whatever I was attempting to create is very amateurish.

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